Even the most complex cases have a solution. We have a track record of success helping individuals and businesses resolve tough legal issues and arrive at a favorable resolution before spending time and money on a lawsuit. We offer state of the art facilities that include three ample conference rooms. We are conveniently located in McAllen about 15 minutes north of the McAllen International Airport and a short drive to the courthouse. Breakfast and lunch provided during full day mediations.

Civil Litigation Mediation

The cost of litigation can oftentimes lead to exorbitant  legal costs for all parties involved.  Mediating your civil lawsuit keeps you in control.

Elizabeth M. García can help you resolve a wide variety of matters, including  wrongful death, personal injury, medical negligence, employment disputes, construction litigation, consumer disputes, premises liability, partnership disputes, environmental matters, breach of contract disputes and DTPA claims. Schedule your mediation today.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is an effective and efficient alternative to expensive and antagonistic divorce litigation. Elizabeth M. García has extensive training and experience helping couples work out the details of their divorce through mediation.

During the mediation, all divorce related issues, including parentage, child support, child custody, child visitation/parenting plans, spousal support, and the division of community and separate property assets and debts will be addressed. Schedule your mediation today.

Small Business Conflicts

Mediation can be the best process for sorting out the different interests present when disputes arise in the context of a small-owned business. Schedule your mediation today.

We offer full-day, half-day, and mini-mediations. Please call for more information regarding rates.