Arbitration gives disputing parties a more cost-effective and time-saving approach to resolving their conflicts. Arbitrations are different from trials in that instead of a judge or jury, a neutral third-party  presides over a conflict. Arbitrations are binding and the arbitrator acts like a judge, ruling on evidence and issuing a decision on the outcome of the conflict.

Full Arbitration

Our pre-arbitration conference facilitates the exchange of all relevant documents and the identity of those documents where there is a substantive dispute. The admissibility of the documents are then ruled upon prior to the beginning of the arbitration. Elizabeth M. García issues both reasoned and non-reasoned rulings. A reasoned ruling sets forth the basis of the decision. A non-reasoned ruling simply states the result of the ruling.

Post-Mediation Arbitration

A post-mediation arbitration may be the best option when two parties come very close to settlement, but cannot bridge the gap of differences between them.  Post-mediation arbitration gives the parties an opportunity to present their differences to an arbitrator in an abbreviated format. The arbitrator then makes a binding decision that resolves the remaining difference between the parties. This allows the parties to have the benefit of litigating their differences without risking losing the progress that they made at mediation. It also provides a final determination without the expense of trial.

The fee for a non-reasoned arbitration is $1,500 per party.  An additional fee of $500 per party/per four hour period will be incurred.  Each day of evidence will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch period. The fee for a reasoned opinion is $750 per party in addition to other incurred fees.